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Welcome to Second Class! You will find us in room 2 in St. Tiarnach’s Primary School, Clones.

We have been working very hard since the beginning of the school year and have settled in well.

Our teacher is Múinteoir Michelle and Múinteoir Olivia and Fiona work with us too. We have been learning lots of new things and have completed plenty of interesting tasks and activities that we can’t wait to share with you all! Say hello to all of the pupils in Second Class below!

We all gained our road safety licences a few weeks ago when the RSA came in and set up a mini village for us to navigate around. We were reminded of few fundamental rules…

Stop, Look and Listen!

We are now certified road safety experts and had lots of fun practicing all that we learned.

For our Oral Language lessons we were working on recounting and giving descriptions this month. Some children remembered to bring in things that they liked to talk about for Show and Tell! We were given the chance to tell others about what we had brought in and then the rest of the class asked us questions. Have a look at some of the items we brought to school below.

Autumn is Here!!

We are learning all about seasonal change at the moment and are keeping our eyes and ears out for signs of Autumn. On the 8th of October we went on a nature walk with Múinteoir Olivia and Michelle. We went down the Roslea Road, Up the 40 steps, stopped into the church and then round back to school via St. Tiarnach’s Park. We noticed and gathered plenty of signs of Autumn. When we got back, we drew a map of where we had went and labelled all of the landmarks. Some of the maps were brilliant and very clear! The pupils in Rang 2 could give guided tours of Clones at any time.

Some medals and winners from Community Games competitions!

Congratulations to everyone!

Look at our self portraits! 

Having great fun with Tangrams for Maths Week 2019!

We began music lessons with Shannon from ‘Music Generation’ this morning @ 11.30 (17.10.19)

We loved learning some new Halloween music and beats as well as playing lots of games together! We can’t wait for our next lesson next week 🙂 

Creating some spooky Halloween masterpieces!

On Monday the 11th November we went to The Courthouse in Clones for a science workshop with scientist, Mike! We participated in lots of fun experiments and activities and learned lots of new things. This was a great start to Science Week!

We played lots of traditional Halloween games with Múinteoir Olivia on the Friday we got our Halloween holidays! Have a look below at all of the fun we had! 

Having learned all about houses and homes, we decided to create our own ‘stick houses’ for art this week. We all created different windows and doors for our houses and added plenty of decorations! Have a look below at our Masterpieces!!

We had great fun completing some science experiments during Science Week! 

On Wednesday 27th November we had a visit from a storyteller, Seosamh! We really enjoyed listening and participating in all of the stories and tales together!

We have been really enjoying our Music Generation lesson with Shannon! Last week we got to use lots of percussion instruments to keep the pulse and beat of a song/rhyme. We love working with Shannon on a Thursday and have learned so much since beginning our lessons! 

For the last six weeks we have been reading with pupils from sixth class at lunch time on a Tuesday and Thursday. This is our own ‘Time to Read’ initiative and we have really been enjoying it so far! 🙂 We read some of the stories along with our partner from Rang 6 and then we talk about the story, characters and sometimes try to predict the ending! We are really enjoying our ‘Time to Read’!

For the month of January we have been learning all about food! (Chocolate in particular!). We have researched where chocolate comes from, learned how to write a recipe/instructions and have enjoyed reading our novel, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! To celebrate the end of January and all of our hard work we made Rice Krispie Buns with Múinteoir Olivia on Friday! Have a look below at how they turned out! We loved following our recipe and of course getting to eat the delicious buns! 

We have been learning all about the signs of Spring this month! Today, Múinteoir Fiona took some of us on a nature walk to find some signs of Spring and gather some Snowdrops for examining. We have been learning about the parts of the flower and looking at the Snowdrop in particular. Have a look at us examining the flower, drawing some pictures and writing about our nature walk!