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Week beginning 9th May

REMINDER: if your child is absent for any reason at all you need to e-mail the school or send in a note to explain the absence. NO NOTE means absence is UNEXPLAINED.


Reading: On the Move-Pg34- 37 Books and Films


Writing: Answer the questions A and  TRY part B on Page 38


Irish Reading:  Pg 12 Féasta (we are learning the poem on page 12), 13


Spellings: write each spelling 3 times in your copy

Monday: kite, white, write, quite, drive

Tuesday: driver, alive, arrive, stole, whole

Wednesday: choke, smoke, Pope, rope, slope

Thursday: wrote, alone, phone, stone, stage


Maths: Try these word problems. Write the sum in your copy

Work sheet- Pg 125 ONLY Part A and B ONLY

A 1-9 Monday

10-18 Tuesday

B 1- 9 Wednesday

10- 18 Thursday