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Monday 16th  to Friday 21st May 2022


Reading: Ginn Reader 



Spréacha 28 /29


Maths :  5 division questions each night

Tables  Monday x6 /Tuesday x7 /Wednesday x8 /Thursday x9



Monday: rod /prod /unit /uniform

                  ar díol,cad atá uait,


Tuesday  jog /jogger /frogs /togs

                   tá camán uaim /agus liathróid,


Wednesday:fond /pond /upon /golf

               , Cé mhéad airgid atá agat?  



Thursday baby /lady /navy /gravy

                       aon euro amháin /fiche euro





7⟌931                5⟌620                      8⟌584                  5⟌780                   8⟌960



9⟌558                    6⟌738                      5⟌985                 9⟌792                       7⟌910



4⟌936                 8⟌552                   7⟌840                7⟌875                7⟌903



4⟌872                   5⟌660                    4⟌832                      5⟌990                      8⟌816



In Rang 3 we did an exciting project. We made Junk Couture : we used junk materials that we had at home and created an item of clothing . We had a lot of fun doing this project. These are photos of our finished items.


We did a project on Butterflies with Múinteoir Niamh. She bought a jar of caterpillars and we watched them go into their chrysalis . They are hanging from the lid now and in another week they will transform into beautiful butterflies. We are so excited !




















In Rang 3 we experimented with a very old method of communication…….we don’t think it will replace the Smart Phones though !



D.E.A.R time As Gaeilge…….


Tóraíocht Focal 

Thaitin sé go mór linn inniu !




Shrove Tuesday 2022.


Tess is making a St Brigid’s Cross .

Cian ,Tess and Meida making St Brigid’s Crosses.

Erin,Luke ,Dalila, and Logáin Making St Brigid’s Crosses



Chloe,Cathal and Múinteoir Cáit making st Brigid’s Crosses


Emma and her St Brigid’s Cross




Aoife,Vilte and Daniel making St Brigid’s crosses


A fabulous cross made by Tess.


We were learning all about Egypt !

Tulips was the theme of our pictures.

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