3rd Class 2020-09-24T17:02:51+00:00

Obair Bhaile

Write a few sentences explaining how you stayed active during lockdown and attach a photograph or draw a picture.

Send it to info@sttiarnachs.ie or print it and give to Múinteoir Fiona by Friday.

Múinteoir Orla’s Class 🙂

Welcome back to all our lovely third class pupils. We are all settling in well and doing such a good job of washing and santising our hands.

As this week is Active School week, we are doing loads of activities to get those legs moving and hearts pumping. Have a look at some of the exercises and activities the children got up to this week. A few children even mentioned that they think it should be Active School week EVERY week. It’s great to see so many children enthusiastic about physical activity.