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 4th class 🙂

 We have been looking at the flower and the various parts of the flower this month. We have been discussing the different forms of pollination and how a plant is pollinated.

Love is in the air!! Happy Valentines Day everyone from all in 4th class! 🙂

Our writing genre this month was poetry. We have been looking at various types of poetry such as list, sense, Haiku and Cinquain poems. We completed senses poems regarding our grandparents for Grandparents day. We also completed our own individual list poems regarding what we are good at and what some of our interests are. Have a look at some of our amazing work above! :):)

Since coming back to school in the new year we have been looking at various 2D and 3D shapes. We had lots of fun going on shape hunts around the classroom and getting to construct the various 2D and 3D shapes.

We have also started to look at area and how to find the surface area of different objects. We used our math’s copies and whiteboards to determine the surface area of our classroom tables.

School Tour

On Friday the 17th of January we all got the chance to go on our school tour to the Gaiety in Dublin to see the production of Aladdin!! We all loved watching the show and we even got the chance to meet some of the actors outside after the show had finished 🙂

Gymnastics in the New Year

Over the next number of weeks we will be completing gymnastics as part of our P.E curriculum. We love this especially getting to do the trampoline jump at the end!!! 🙂

Paired reading

Procedural Writing

In the month of January our new writing genre is procedural writing. We have been looking at various procedural/instructional pieces and have been discussing the best way to write our own. After looking at various examples and discussing layout, suitable words and phrases we came up with our own procedural piece on how to make pancakes. Have a look below!!

Christmas Baubles :):)

PJ party for our 10 class stars!!!! :):)

Christmas is here!!!!

We have been really enjoying the build up to Christmas in 4th class. We have got to do lots of different art activities!! Have a look at some of our finished art pieces below :):)

Narrative writing

Last writing genre of 2019!! This month we finished up writing our narrative pieces which we had lots of fun doing!! Have a look at our amazing work 🙂

Irish storytelling 🙂

On Wednesday the 27th of November we had the opportunity to listen to a storyteller from Co. Dublin. The stories were myths and legends that were told in both english and irish. They were really fun to listen to and we were all on the edge of our seats waiting to see what happened next!!

Science fun in the courthouse!!!

On Friday the 22nd of November we got the chance to go to the local courthouse to listen to Dr Ken talk all things Science. He completed lots of fun experiments to show how global warming can effect our planet. This talk was very informative and we left with lots of new information in our brains on how we can help the planet!!!

Science fun in the Library.

On Wednesday the 20th of November we were invited to the local Library in Clones to take part in various science experiments. During this presentation we got the chance to make our own mystical, magic potions. While doing this we learned about how red cabbage is an acid indicator that can be used to test various other chemicals. We mixed red cabbage juice in small beakers and we mixed this juice with three different substances-X,Y,Z. Upon mixing this die with the substances we were able to determine what they were by the colour that they changed. Acid substance (vinegar) turned pink. Base subatance (bread soda) turned blue and our neutral substance (water) turned purple!!! This was so amazing to watch and it was also an added benefit that we were part of the process too!! :):) Have a look below at all the fun we had!!


We had great fun this morning playing Futsal and learning new skills in the Peace Link!

Maths Week 2019

This month we had lots of fun taking part in Maths week 2019. We had lots of different activities organised for us each day such as maths trails, maths games outside/inside and a maths table quiz!! Have a look below at all the fun we had!! :):)

Cumann na mbunscoil

Making pizza with Múinteoir Cathal.

As part of our Friday treat both Mia and Leara got to make pizza with Múinteoir Cathal. We even got to share some of our finished pizza with the other children in our class. Have a look below!! 🙂

STEM activities in 4th class!!

This year we have started some STEM activities with Múinteoir Aoife. We really enjoy them and are looking forward to getting to do lots more!! 🙂

Library Visit

On Friday the 11th Of October we got the chance to go to Clones library to meet the author Caroline Busher. She read us a little from her book ‘The Ghosts of Magnificent Children’. It was great meeting her and we loved listening to her stories!! We look forward to getting some of her books out from the library!! 🙂

After our library visit we all got the chance to write a recount piece of what we heard and learned in the library. Have a look at some of our work below!!

RSA visit

This year we had a great talk from the RSA. We discussed the different ways in which we can be safe on the roads. We even got our own individual licences at the end to show that we were responsible road users!!

3D Painting of our names!!

Recount Writing

We recently completed our first writing genre of the year. Recount writing. Have a look at some of our pieces of work below.

Science Lessons

In science this month we have been looking at everything from fantastic fingerprints to the workings of the human eye!!