Oral language challenge for senior infants(Múinteoir Róisín)

Dear parent,Use Fusion Builder

Click on the link https://speechandlanguage.info/parents

Click on the option activities   then everyday activities.

Pick mealtimes and get some lovely ideas on how you can help to develop your child’s language skills every day.( For example  giving your child simple commands  improves their  listening skills and understand of  language.   “ Get me 3 forks and 4 plates please. “ “Put the cup in the sink and put the salt on the counter.” “Can you pass the pepper and the butter please”.)

Now click on speech activities/ interactive games.  Pirate Island is a good game to encourage your child to listen to sounds at the beginning of a word.


Scavenger hunt activity-When you are asking your child to eg “find me 3 things that are red”, ask them to repeat what you have said. This helps them to understand and remember what you have said.

Ask them to report back to you exactly what they found, eg. ”first I found 3 red things then I found ….. and…” This improves their memory and their confidence in using language.