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The Active Flag is awarded to schools who endeavour to achieve a physically active and physically educated school community. The initiative aims to promote ‘more schools to become more active, more often’.

With the help, hard work and dedication of the teachers, parents, students and wider community, St Tiarnach’s Primary School was officially recognised as an ‘Active School’ in 2016. The school was awarded and praised for its inclusive nature and extremely talented and diligent pupils. We are currently striving to achieve our second award with the ongoing encouragement and support of a truly energetic staff.

To facilitate winning this award an Active School’s Committee, comprised of both pupils and teachers, was set up. All planning and research is carried out by this devoted team to ensure the school meets the active criteria each year. An Active School Week is also organised and arranged by this committee every year to provide fun and inclusive physical opportunities for all members of the school community.

Additionally many activities are undertaken each and every week in St. Tiarnach’s to ensure that our pupils lead and maintain healthy and physically active lives both inside and outside of the classroom. With statistics showing that ‘four out of five children in the Republic of Ireland are still not getting enough exercise posing serious risks to their overall health and well-being’, at St. Tiarnach’s, we can say that we are doing our bit for the health and well-being of each and every pupil in our care.

As an Active School we

  • Provide all children with appropriate Physical Education provision and ensure that our P.E. plan is contemporary and comprehensive.
  • Advocate the integration of P.E with other curriculum subjects and ensure the appropriate differentiation of P.E. for the inclusivity of ALL students regardless of ability levels.
  • Promote Physical Activity during break times and encourage the use of our highly inclusive playground equipment.
  • Provide our students with various physical activities throughout the day with ‘Bizzy Breaks’, ‘Cosmic Yoga’, ‘Go Noodle’ and ‘Just Dance’ encouraging the children to become active practitioners from their own classrooms.
  • Encourage the upskilling of our staff members to ensure new methodologies and ideas are implemented during P.E. instruction.

Above are some drone pictures taken on the 26th of April for the opening of our new Active Schools walkway around our school 🙂