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Living Things

6th class- Guided Nature Walk

3rd & 4th class- Studying the Daffodil

Junior Infants- Signs of Spring

4th & 5th – Science Week online- The Ugly Animals Society!


1st class- Changing Materials Skittles Experiment

3rd class- Making boats and parachutes

4thclass- using natural materials during a Maths lesson (Place Value)

Senior Infants- constructing shapes using different types of materials

Energy and Forces

4th class- Circuits in Electricity- predictions of materials needed and construction of circuits

4th class- Making Catapults

3rd Class- Carrying out a Floating and Sinking Experiment with homemade boats

3rd Class- Parachute Experiment using homemade parachutes

Réalta Beaga- Experiment on Static Electricity in Balloons

Environmental Awareness and Care

6th Class- Learning about different types of clouds and observing the different types of clouds they could see.

National Tree Week

We, here in St. Tiarnach’s, have been very lucky to receive 14 native trees to plant here in our school environment! We have 4 different types of trees which are planted throughout the school grounds- Maple, Birch, Wild Cherry and Hazel.

ABP Food Group have been kind enough to donate these trees to us as part of their sustainable living initiative.

Each tree represents a different classroom in our school- which means each class will be able to enjoy watching their very own tree grow and mature as they progress through the school and, indeed, beyond!!

Picker Pals-School Project where pupils were chosen each week to take home litter pickers and clean up litter in their local community area