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Curious Minds Award- Gold Award Application 2022-2023



Living Things

Senior Infants, 1st and 2nd Class- Incredible Edibles- Learning about different types of fruit and vegetables and planting seeds to grown in the classroom.


All classes: Marine Biologist Benny Joyce came to our school to give workshops to all pupils on marine life and how climate change and pollution are affecting our oceans.


Energy and Forces

5th class did a project on the solar system, how gravity effects planet earth and how forces keep the planets in orbit around the sun. They even designed their own planets!

6th Class discussed forces, friction, tension, mass and kinetic energy before building their own catapults from ‘The Curiosity Box’



2nd class grew their own crystals!


2nd & 3rd class: Using different ingredients to make their own playdough and using paint to dye it different colours.


Environmental Awareness and Care

2nd and 4th class- Spring Nature Trail

Local business ABP donated trees to our Green Schools’ committee:

We were delighted to thank ABP Food Group for their very generous donation of 30 native trees to our school- we received some oak, ash and birch trees. The Green School Committee got some help from Luke and TJ to plant some of them in our orchard and the rest of them around the school. Maith sibh!

Green Schools’ Committee- Our committee have been working very hard to keep our school clean and environmentally friendly by litter picking, encouraging staff and pupils to bring in used batteries to be recycled and checking daily that all bins are being used correctly by pupils and teachers!


Science Week

During Science Week pupils from all classes were treated to a Science show with Scientific Sue(Science2Life) to show them the effects of climate change. Pupils were invited to take part in lots of exciting demonstrations and experiments from fire tornadoes, flooding systems to bridges and pulley systems made from balloons!!