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Living Things

3rd class- nature hunt, leaf drawings

1st class My Body


1st class and Senior Infants- Skittles Experiment

2nd class Online Science Workshop:

Energy and Forces

3rd class- The Solar System

Réalta (ASD) classes:

We tuned into Science week events showcased by Cavan Monaghan Library services based on the study of ‘Zoology in Belfast Zoo’ and based on Horrible Science experiments. We also became scientists trying out our own experiments!

Storm in a Glass

We learned how clouds work and how rain occurs using shaving foam, food colouring and water

Environmental Awareness and Care

3rd class: Looking after our Planet- Pupils watched videos and looked at different parts of a town and discussed how businesses and homes could be more environmentally friendly e.g. energy efficient bulbs, donating left over food to charities, etc… (

Senior Infants- Caring for Wildlife- how to make a bird feeder- online teaching through Google Classrooms