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Homework Monday 19th – Thursday 22nd of April

A homework sheet has been stuck into each student’s copy.  There is some work on sounds and letter formation, blending and tricky words.


This week we are working on the ‘o’ and ‘u’ sounds. Talk about what sounds ‘o’ and ‘u’ make. Is there anything around your home that starts with an ‘o’/’u’.  Here are the jingles and actions we use in class for these sounds.

Each evening you can complete one line of the letters. For example, one line of the letter ‘o’ on Monday and Tuesday and one line of the letter ‘u’ on Wednesday and Thursday evening.



Blend 2 words per night or feel free to practice more/less each night. The dots under each letter indicate to sound out that letter and the arrow is to blend them together.

Tricky Words:

Practice 2 tricky words each night or feel free to practice more each night if you wish.

Homework copy to be returned on Friday.

Active Homework daily:

Choose one of these activities to do each evening:

-15 jumping jacks and 15 lunges.

-15 minutes playing outside

-A walk with you family

-15 minutes playing your favourite sport.

-5 minute jogging/running

Optional activities:
Write ‘o’ and ‘u’ using playdough/chalk.

Make sentences using your tricky words.

Múinteoir Marguerite

We are settling back into Junior Infants after the Easter break. We have started literacy stations in our room this week. The class have been very busy working on reading, sounds and tricky words!











Happy Christmas !!!

The boys and girls in Junior Infants have been working so hard this term and I hope they all have a wonderful Christmas.

Múinteoir Caoimhe


Christmas Jumper Walk


Christmas Art – Reindeers


Christmas Tree and Christmas Light Art











Games for our sounds




















Mile with a Smile

We enjoyed getting outside regularly to do our ‘Mile with a Smile’.


Christmas Themed Aistear

We are having lots of fun during Aistear in our four different areas. Santa’s Workshop, The Christmas Post Office, Christmas themed playdough mats and Christmas junk art.

Santa’s work shop

























Christmas Post Office





Christmas themed playdough mats


Christmas cards









Maths Week

We had fun making number characters.

We enjoyed going on a hunt for numbers







Houses and Homes

We made our own houses using different coloured pieces of card. We talked about the parts of the house in both English and Irish.


Aistear – Houses Homes

We love playing during Aistear. We got to play in the house/kitchen area, we built homes in the construction area with large links, we used lollipop stick and pegs to make fences and walls and we got to use play dough to make things that we find in our homes.


Science Week

We made our own lava lamp in school for science week. We really enjoyed seeing all the bubbles move.



Active Flag

We have been very busy keeping active in school each day. We loved getting to run and play games on the grass at the front of the school.

Outdoor Classroom Day 5th of November

Today we enjoyed doing our PE outside. We also worked on our rhyming words during our lesson by running to find the matching rhyming words.






In maths we have been working measurements so we made some tall and short towers using cubes.











Fine Motor Activities

We have been doing lots of fine motor activities in school to help our fingers get strong for writing.











We have been making marks of horizontal lines, vertical lines and zig zags using different materials. Some of us used the blackboards and chalk while others used whiteboards and whiteboard markers.


Humpty Dumpty

We are making our own ‘Humpty Dumpty’ and had to begin by ripping paper to make his broken egg shells.


Then we had to glue all the pieces down.



Active Week

For active week we have really enjoyed being outside and getting exercise

We were very lucky and while on our peaceful nature walk we spotted a rainbow. We also picked up some leaves.




We have been having so much fun playing with toys with all our new friends.