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During Lockdown St.Tiarnach’s pupils kept very active. We even had an Active Week as part of our homeschooling. Look at our Lockdown Active Wall.

Our newly marked playgrounds ready for plenty of activity!


Active Walkway Week

On Active Walkway Week we devised an Active Walkway around the school. It was a great way to get our movement breaks fitted in during the day.



During this week we also did a ‘Run a Mile Challenge’ around the schools grounds. This got our heart rates pumping!


Here are some pictures of our classes participating in our Mindful Walk activity. It was great to get outside in the lovely Autumnal weather and appreciate the beautiful colours and sights around us.


Fifth and Sixth class visit the local Peace Link for some outside activities and enjoy using their running track!

On Outdoor Classroom Day (5th November) all the pupils in St.Tiarnach’s went out into the Great Outdoors to participate in outdoor lessons. During these times we’ve had to adapt our teaching and learning to include plenty of outdoor activities and getting lots of fresh air. Well done to all the pupils and teachers for coming up with some very creative outdoor activities.

  Well done to Rang a Sé participated in the ‘Couch to 5K’ running programme. Rang a cúig went to cheer them on on their 5k debut in St.Tiarnach’s Park. Such a marvellous achievement! Comghairdeas libh go léir!!

 During this term we have made a big effort to make greater use of the ‘Outdoor Classroom.’ The children have really enjoyed some of their lessons in the great outdoors incorporating new learning experiences, activity and plenty of fresh air! All classes celebrated Outdoor Classroom Day this year. 3rd class on their Science trail


Maths Week Activities on the go!
History Field Trip around Clones



In the month of December we had our Féilire Cinéaltais agus spórtúil. Each day in December we had a different active challenge to keep us on the move!


To mark the end of the Féilire each class composed their own dance and performed it for other classes in the halla. They also devised a workout to perform with their partner class. There were some very impressive moves!!


Well done to all the pupils of St.Tiarnach’s who braved the elements to take part in the Goal Run a Mile!


As part of Active Schools each class had to come up with three ways to reduce sedentary time in their classroom. Sixth class introduced skipping as one of their active breaks!

They have also resumed their ‘Couch to 5k ‘ training. Well done Rang a sé!



St.Tiarnach’s have been participating in the ‘Run Around Ireland Challenge’ on our newly signed Walkway. Infants to sixth class have been trying to get in as many laps as they can each day.  This week there has been an extra incentive as the classes are battling it out to get the most laps by the end of the week for a class treat on Friday!

 #feelgoodfriday  National Walkway Day was celebrated in style in St.Tiarnach’s! Thanks to our wonderful caretaker, Ciarán, we have our new walkway up and running. The junior classes all completed their active challenge on the walkway. Third to sixth classes completed a walkway maths challenge which got very competitive at times!! Well done to all the pupils and teachers who participated so enthusiastically in our ‘Lap Challenge’

Congratulations to all our prize winners in the Active School Slogan Competition. A special mention to our slogan winner Lily Duffy (3rd class)

Active Achievers June 2019!


Ewan in 3rd won three swimming medals.

Irish Dancers


Community Games Particiapants.

Dyan (4th) won a medal in a football tournament

Community Games

Best of luck to the girls who will represent both their school and their hometown of Clones in the next stage of the Community Games Dance trials.

May Madness!

Well done to the children who took part in the Community Games Athletics, Dancing and Singing Competitions which took place over the last few weeks! Cycling finished for the Junior Classes and they were all awarded with their balance bike certificates. Soccer and Cycling continues for the older classes. We also marked the end of National Active School Week with a whole school Daily Mile walk.

We really have had a jam packed start to the summer months!


We’re definitely not lazy at lunchtime!!

Múinteoir Aileen and Múinteoir Kate have been very busy during lunch training for soccer and camogie with the pupils from 5th and 6th Class. Múinteoir Niamh, Lisa, Gemma and Karen have also been running a Be Active programme during lunchtime with 1st and 2nd Class. We’re all seeing the benefits!! Classes in the yard are continuing to play games and we line up in Active Lines before heading back into the classroom.


Smiling Supporters!

Look at Diarmuid…. We think that one day he might be in that jersey!

Playground Leaders

Our pupils from 5th and 6th Class are continuing to help the children in the younger classes to play the playground game of the day. We are loving the games on yard and our teachers are noticing a difference too!!

Be Active ASAP Programme

Rang a Dó have been completing the Be Active ASAP programme in the last few weeks. They are completing activities based on the Athletics strand. The class have loved this so much that this programme is continuing during lunchtime for various different classes!

Cluichí sa Chlós (Seachtain na Gaeilge 2019)

Bhí Seachtain na Gaeilge ann an tseachtain seo cáite. Bhain muid an sult as na cluichi sa chlós. Míle buíochas do Múinteoir Orla agus an Coiste Gaelach!

Mini 7’s!!

Well done to the boys from 5th and 6th class who have gotten through to the Mini 7’s final this Friday 29th March! Comhgairdeas libh go léir. Many thanks to Collie McCaughey (Sarah&Michael’s dad) and Daniel Freeman for training the boys.

Healthy and Happy!

Well done to all classes who are really making the best effort to keep their lunches healthy! We are loving our healthy, active treats!

Spring Clean

Well done to the pupils who participated in this years Spring clean. As well as being Active we are keeing our local community tidy!! (February 2019)

 The Lunchbox Challenge!!

Children are now earning points for their class when they swap a sweet treat for a piece of fruit or vegetable. Thanks to Matthew and Caoláin from the Active School Committee who came up with this great idea. Each class was distributed a reward chat and two pupils from the Active Committee are going around each day to ensure that everyone is trying to be more healthy.

25 points= Extra walk

50 points = 10 mins extra yard time

100 points= Extra new equipment/agility time

150 points = Extra PE time/game time

200 points= 15 mins extra yard time

250 points= No written hw for the week only active homework

300 points=Outdoor races/games

350 points=Extra go noodle/active break

400 points=Extra agility/new equip time

450 points= No written hw only active hw

500 points= A trip to the park.

Our teachers are also opting for more active rewards for their 10 class stars. Classes have been playing soccer, having mindfulness time, getting non sweet treats from a prize box, cushions for the best table, buddy walks, extra ‘Daily Mile’ Time & many more!!


 Playground Games

As well as our Cluichí Clóis on a Wednesday in which children have been playing Games together as Gaeilge. Since January we have introduced our Playground Game of the Week which is played in the yard on Tuesdays.

The Active Flag and 6th Class worked together to compile a list of games to be played in the yard. Games such as ‘Cat and Mouse’, ‘Flush the Toilet’, ‘Red Light, Green Light’ and ‘What time is it Mr Wolf?’ are being taught by teachers during PE Lessons. Playground leaders from 6th are also being taught the games, these responsible children aid the younger children on yard whilst playing their games. The children love playing the games that they have suggested!! Extra yard time is then given to the class who make the best effort in each yard.

On yard we also follow a ‘Do Your Talking as You’re Walking Policy’. In which all children even if they do not want to engage in games, must walk and talk 🙂

Active Flag Showcase & Healthy Eating Presentation

Many thanks to all the parents and our special guest Rory Beggan who took time out of their busy schedule to attend our Healthy Eating Presentation and Active Flag Showcase on Thursday 7th March 2019. We, the Active School Committee, also greatly appreciate the time and effort spent by ALL teachers to organise Active Raps, breaks, songs and poems to show to all of you. The Active Committee and all pupils did themselves, their teachers & parents extremely proud!!!

Let’s Get Active Award!

Well done to all classes who all got awarded with certificates for the ‘Let’s Get Active Award’ in conjunction with the Irish Heart Foundation. We are all getting 60 minutes of exercise each day!!! (March 2019)

Sugar is SWEET Keep it as a TREAT!

The Active School Committee have had a busy week getting ready for our Healthy Eating and Active Flag Showcase for parents&pupils. We had a look at some lunchboxes in school and examined the amount of sugar in different items we found! We were shocked!!! We also made posters for each class to use as part of our lunchbox challenge which starts in ALL classes next week (Monday 11th March).

We look forward to seeing you all on Thursday the 7th of March at 11am for our presentation. We have put great effort into getting this presentation ready for you and can’t wait to share our findings with you!!

Wet Breaks!

The rain certainly doesn’t dampen our spirits in St. Tiarnach’s. We make use of every free space we have to ensure all children get up and moving. Thanks to the Active Committee we also have a movement video both in English and as Gaeilge to help us out too. Here are some photos of Rang a hAon getting active during their wet break.


Active News!

Well done to Múin Kate and the students in Rang a cúig who competed a survey with the senior classes to find out exactly what our favourite sport is!

Brilliant Bikers!

Bike Green are completing a session of cycling from the 1st of March 2019 for 6 weeks with Junior Infants, Senior Infants, First Class and 6th Class. Another session will be held in school for the other groups after this 6 weeks. We’re all really enjoying learning the new skills and about bicycle safety.


Peace 4 Project

Rang a sé were very lucky to be picked to attend the Peace Link for an Activity Day with a youth group from Lisburn on Monday 18th May as part of the cross border ‘Peace 4’ Project. The boys and girls got a taster session of tag rugby, soccer, tug of war, athletics, shot put and discus. The class was divided into groups and each group worked with a group from Lisburn.

Many thanks to the Peace Link for organising all this.

Psyched for Soccer

Well done to the boys and girls in 3rd Class who visited the Peace Link on Friday February 15th for a soccer tournament for Minster Ring’s visit. Everyone really enjoyed themselves and the Minister was really impressed with some of our skills!

Thanks to Múinteoir Aileen who will be taking soccer practice at lunchtime with some very lucky boys and girls.

February Wake Up Shake Up

Thanks to Múinteoir Kate and Rang a cúig who led us in our February Wake Up Shake Up. We were so impressed by everyone involved!

Active News!

The Active School Committee would like to congratulate Diarmuid Quigley from Rang a hAon on winning his first Athletics trophy. Diarmuid is a very dedicated runner and loves competing in our Daily Mile Challenge.

Múinteoir Majella, Lisa and Elizabeth have already gotten Diarmuid’s autograph as we’re sure that this will be a big name in the future….. So I’d get yours while you can!!!

Maith an fear Diarmuid! We’re so proud of you!

Crazy about Cycling

The Realta and Realta Móra Classes in St. Tiarnach’s Primary School were very lucky to get the opportunity to complete an intensive 4 day ‘Inclusion Cycling’ programme with Francis and Sean from Bike Green from the 11th-15th February.

Cycling was a great success and the children can’t wait to try out their new skills at home. They learned the importance of balance and using the pedals and breaks properly.
Even our special visitor, little baby Cara, was so impressed with us!

Many thanks to Francis and Sean from Bike Green and also to Monaghan Sports Partnership who provided funding for the classes to complete this.

Cycling will be starting in other classes very soon so watch this space…….


Look at what we’re learning in our gymnastics sessions…….


Dedicated Dancers!

In St. Tiarnach’s we are very lucky to have a group of extremely talented Irish Dancers. Well done to all pupils who took part in the Feis on the weekend of the 10th of February. All pupils represented themselves, their families and our school very well. We are very proud of them all.

 L-R medal and trophy winners: Emma Dunwoody 5th (1st place in Easy Reel, Erin Connolly 6th (2nd place in St. Patrick’s Dance), Katie McDonald 6th (1st place in St. Patrick’s Dance), Muireann Quigley (1st place in Reel), Paddy McDonald 3rd (3rd place in the reel).

L-R Medal winners: Ellen O’Neill 2nd Class, Emma McDonald 2nd Class, Aoibheann Quigley 2nd Class, Sarah McCaughey 3rd Class, Bethan O’Neill 4th Class.

Well done to all pupils & a special mention goes to the McDonald family Katie, Paddy and Emma who all won prizes for their excellent dancing skills on the day. Maith sibh go léir.

Gymnastics Galore!

Many thanks to LA Gymnastics who are completing a 6 week gymnastic session with the middle classes. We all love when Wednesday comes around so we can roll, jump and balance! Each wee we learn a different style of walk.

Active Assembly January

Well done to Rang a 4 who led us in our Active Assembly in January. Also Well done to all pupils who won medals this month.

Catering for the Community

We in St. Tiarnach’s love to be involved with events that are going on in the local community! On the 23rd January the students in 6th Class were extremely lucky to get the opportunity to complete a Fitness Class in the Peace Link with the members of the Senior Fit team. The children worked with their teacher Múinteoir Eimhear to compile a list of questions that could be used to evoke conversations with the Senior Fit ladies. They made great use of their oral language skills that they are learning about as part of their English curriculum. Both pupils and the ladies enjoyed the experience and the children from Rang a 6 were commended on their great manners and ability to communicate with them. Each group learned earned some valuable lessons. The children then wrote about their experience as an activity when they arrived back to school.

Maith sibh go léir.

Walk a Mile with a Smile.

All pupils and classes have teamed up with the Peace Link in Clones to see how many miles we can all walk together. Thanks to Fergal from the Peace Link for coming to launch this challenge and joining us on our walk. The children are continuing to walk run or jog a mile daily! Well done. (17th January 2019)

 12 Days of Fitness Challenge!

Well done to all the pupils from Junior Infants to 6th Class who took part in the 12 Days of Fitness Challenge in December 2018. Thank you to Múinteoir Eimhear and Rang a 6 for leading us in our 12 Days of Fitness Assembly in the hall. Well done to everyone on their efforts to be a more ‘mindful’ pupils!

We all enjoyed our disco afterwards. Even the teachers got the chance to bust some moves!

December really was an Active month with pupils from Junior Infants and 6th Class enjoying a walk together to visit different areas in Clones.

 Active Announcements!

A massive well done to Yvie Carron who won a medal for swimming. A massive thank you to Múinteoir Kathleen’s  and Múinteoir Vanessa’s Rang a 3 who led us in our Active Assembly in November & December! Maith sibh go léir!

Football Fanatics


Well done to the boys and girls from 3rd and 4th Class who have been training with Múinteoir Niamh for their football blitz in Cloghan. The boys and girls put in great effort and determination. Well done!

Halloween Walk to School

This morning, Thursday 25th October, the pupils, teachers and SNA’s met in Hickey’s Carpark for our annual Walk to School in fancy dress.

Well done to all the pupils and parents who every year put in such great efforts to get dressed up!

Oíche Shamhna shona dhaoibh go léir. Happy Halloween and we wish everyone a safe and enjoyable break!

‘Aireach’ in October


Active Achievers

Boys awarded silver medals

Girls who came third in Scór


Tom who won medals in Tang Soo Do


Well done to the girls who came third place in Scór! We can’t wait for you to showcase your moves at our next Active Assembly!

Division 2 Final

Hard luck to the boys who lost by 2 points in the Division 2 final of Cumann na mBunscoil. It was a fantastic game and the boys played with true determination! We are all so proud of them! Thanks to everyone who took time out of their weekend to cheer the boys on! St. Tiarnach’s Abú!!!


Out and about……

Both the Junior end and the senior of the school have been out engaging with nature! The Junior end have been inspecting our surroundings collecting leaves conkers and anything else they can find, whilst the Senior end have been completing trails organised by their own teachers!

We all love this time of year!!!

Active Assembly

Our Active Assembly this month (October) was led by Rang a dó! We all really enjoyed their Wake Up Shake Up activities! Well done to all those in Rang a dó and a big thank you to Múinteoir Niamh for coordinating this month’s activities!

Well done to the two boys who took part in a karate tournament!

Miles of Smiles

All classes are now participating in the Daily Mile. This is an initiative, new to Irish schools, which sees children from Junior Infants to 6th Class running for up to 15 minutes a day. This will make us fitter healthier children with increased concentration and participation.

We can’t wait to see the run-ults!

Finale bound…

Well one to St. Tiarnach’s Boys who are in the Cumann na mBunscoil Division 2 final against Scoil Rois on Saturday October 20th!

The boys have been victorious over Latton, Inniskeen and Ballybay on their journey.

We wish you luck in the final and hope we have some new silver for the cabinet!

Go n-eirí an t-adh libh!

 Cross Country Success

Well done to Darragh McElvaney who came 2nd in his category and Donncha who came 4th in the under 10s. Both boys, who are pupils of St. Tiarnach’s and members of the Clones AC, participated in the County Clubs Cross Country Competition in Scotstown yesterday. Clones AC won the trophy for best overall club, which is a fantastic achievement. Comhghairdeas libh!

Mascot Mania

What an exciting weekend, 6 year old Harry Leonard lined out as mascot for Saturday’s UEFA Nations League clash between the Republic of Ireland and Denmark.

Harry walked out with Danish midfielder Lasse Schone who plays club football for Ajax. He got to shake hands and say hello to President Higgins.

Harry was on a family camping trip during the summer and couldn’t stop talking about soccer. It just so happened that the person he spoke to had links with the FAI and sent a request for Harry to be inluded as a mascot. Fortunately for Harry luck was on his side. He was delighted when he received his letter asking him to take part a couple of weeks ago!

What an honour! Well done Harry- hopefully some day you will be playing on the same pitch you were mascot on!

Land Paws

In October each class, from Junior Infants-6th class,  took part in the Land PAWS (Primary Aquatics Water Safety) Programme. We learned about being safe when around any water. Whether it be water in a bath, lake, river or swimming pool- we know that we must take care.

Some of the things we learned were to always get an adult to help us when filling a bath or to accompany us when going to the pool/river/beach. We must always make sure that there is a life guard at the beach/swimming pool before getting in and to stay away from slurry pits or drains when we’re out and about.

Each child was given a pack which contained leaflets about water safety and a fun book with puzzles, quizzes and spot the difference activities. This made learning about water safety fun!!


What we learned?

Justina learned that it is safe to swim when she sees a yellow flag or a red and yellow flag but if she sees a red flag or no flag at all it’s not safe to swim.

Donncha learned to always swim with an adult, to never swim at night time and to not bring a float into the sea.

Lily learned that if someone falls into deep water you can throw a ring buoy in to help save them.

Yoga-to try this….

This October, the classes in St. Tiarnach’s got a taster of something fun and different. We walked to the local Library in Clones and got to take part in ‘Yo Yo Yoga Storytime’.

We learned all about balances and the importance of having a strong core whilst listening to some of their favourite books. We all really enjoyed the stories and the poses, especially the relaxation exercises which left us all feeling zen! Ask the children to show you some of the poses they learned- you will be extremely impressed!!!

We would like to say a massive thank you to the ‘Yo Yo Yoga’ team and Clones Library for facilitating this event.


A Cup full of Fitness!

On 27th September 2018, the two prestigious cups the Grand Slam and Six Nations Cups visited the school. 6th Class led an ‘Active Assembly’ to celebrate this wonderful event!  Between An Haka Gaelach, Drama and Dance these talented bunch showed us their great leadership and specking skills. The Active School Committee and Sixth Class would like to say a massive thanks to Colm Finnegan (IRFU), Sammy Mealiff (Monaghan Rugby), Bernard McNally (Surper Valu) and Daniel Freeman (Our Rugby Coach) for being present on  the day!

Hopefully next year we will see Sam Maguire on its way to Monaghan aswell! 😉

A New school year Brings New Activities

Activity Breaks as Gaeilge!


Our Active Assemblies are continuing this year! September 2018


Our Active Committee 2018/2019

Dallan O’Neill, Megan Smith, Ella Kierans, Conor Butler, Jay McCormick McDonald, Maja Smuzna, Caoláin Clerkin, Oisín Cosgrove, Orran Clerkin, Lewis McGorman, Erin Bonner, Rachel O’Shaughnessy, Matthew McCaughey.

Many thanks to Erin and Rachel for making our new ‘Active Flag Suggestion Box’. We’re looking forward to seeing what new ideas you all have 🙂

Active Achievers sa Bhaile.

Aoibheann (1st Class) Dancing

Keelin and Muireann (5th) Dancing

Sarah (2nd Class): Dancing

Conal and Conor 1st: Football

Eoin Mc Elvaney (2nd)- Football

Darragh McElvaney (5th)- football

Emily (4th) Running

Sean 3rd

Eva (3rd) Running

Seán (3rd) Running

Connolly Cup Players

Gabija Snr Infants

Beth Senior Infants

Muireann and Erin (5th) -Dancing

Raenna (3rd) Aoibheann (1st) Ellen (1st): Dancing

Bethan (3rd): Dancing

Ewan 2nd: Football



Well done to all those who participated in the Large Schools Athletics Competition held in the Peace Link on the 24th of May 2018. A massive thank you to Múinteoir Ciara and parent Pat McCabe who gave up their lunch breaks to train the squad. 1st and 2nd class took part in 80m race and relay, 3rd and 4th class boys and girls  in the 100m race, 600m and relay and 5th and 6th class girls and boys took part in 100m sprint, 800m race and relay! Well done to you all… we definitely have some candidates for the Olympics!

Dancing Daltaí

On Tuesday May 5th both pupils and teachers enjoyed an afternoon of ‘Ceol agus Craic’  led by dance teacher Rosita. Each class got the opportunity to showcase and preform their new moves to the rest of the school. With jiving, hucklebuck and the cha cha slide the classes certainly have been busy over the last 8 weeks. Even the teachers joined in too 🙂

Well done to all pupils who put in great effort practicing and learning the dances.

The pupils and staff would also like to say a massive thank you to Rosita for all her hard work and preparation with all pupils.


Active News.

The staff and pupils in St. Tiarnach’s are extremely proud of Darragh McElvaney from 5th Class who represented the school at the Monaghan vs Tyrone half time match. Well done Darragh- we are sure that this will be a name that will be heard in the future so get your autographs while you can 😉


Mindfulness Matters

In St Tiarnach’s we are not only concerned about our physical well-being but our mental health too. To celebrate and recognise Mental Health Awareness Week May 14th- 18th, we held our very own Mental Health Awareness Day. Each class teamed up and carried out some mindfulness activities both in the hall and outside. We learned that we are not alone and the steps to do if we are feeling down  . We also learned the importance of eating well and exercising to promote our mental health too.

They did the pizza massage, some deep breathing exercises and some yoga stretches all in a calm and peaceful environment. Each class also completed a ‘Mindfulness Matters’ activity to end the day- designing posters and mindfulness colouring whilst listening to calm relaxing music.

By the end of the day we were that relaxed we were nearly asleep 🙂


Soccer News

5th Class continue to take part in the “pilot” Multi Cultural/Inclusion FAI Soccer Fun/Games for all Project during lunchtime each week. All children in 5th (boys & girls) take part. (April/May 2018)

     Another Triumph for St. Tiarnach’s!

In conjunction with the Aldi Play Rugby National Festival St. Tiarnach’s were entered into a ‘Grand Slam’ competition. This involved some hard work by their coach Daniel Freeman and teacher Lisa Moore uploading pictures, videos and putting resources and tips provided by the IRFU to good use.

Luck was on our side as St. Tiarnach’s won the competition and will now host a visit from the Six Nations and Triple Crown trophies in the upcoming weeks 🙂

We would like to thank our coach Daniel Freeman for all his hard work during the year training our 5th Class rugby boys!

Well done St. Tiarnach’s!

All Aboard for Aviva.

5th class pupils in St. Tiarnach’s Primary School, Clones had an early start last Thursday 16th May as they set off for the Aviva Stadium.

The children were partaking in the Aldi Play Rugby Tournament and three very lucky teams got to meet and play tag rugby alongside their heroes Paul O’Connell and Katie Fitzhenry.

5th Class, their teachers and coach Daniel Freeman all thoroughly enjoyed their day meeting the famous players, seeing their dressing rooms and playing on the pitch. We have no doubt that we will see some of these children as the rugby stars of the future.

Activities for Autism Awareness.

Many thanks to Múinteoir Caoimhe, Aishling and Hannah for organising the activities during Autism Awareness Week (23rd-27th April). We especially enjoyed the children from Realta Móra who taught us their favourite games in the hall.



Our New Active Walkway

In conjunction with Autism Awareness week, our Active School Walkway was officially opened by Fergal Corrigan, manager of the Peace Link on Thursday 26th April. The Active School Committee lead us in a Wake Up Shake Up to get us ready for our walk.

The children also celebrated Blue Nose Day and sported a blue nose whilst walking. Each child made a generous donation and all proceeds will go towards Autism Ireland.

The Active Committee would like to say a huge thanks to Fergal, Jason (Peace Link), all teachers and pupils and also to Ciarán McPhillips, Odhrán, Ciara and Donnacha’s dad, who created lovely signs for our walkway.

We all enjoyed our active morning and can’t wait to use our active walkway again! 🙂


All Set for Aviva.

On the 24th of April, 21 eager boys braved the elements and set off to the Monaghan Rugby Club to take part in at the ‘Aldi Play Rugby Festival’ organised by the IRFU and Aldi. The  boys were split into three teams and each team played 4 matches of tag rugby against other schools from County Monaghan. Not only did the boys have great fun on the day, each school participating was entered into a draw to win a trip to the Aviva Stadium. St Tiarnach’s were lucky enough to be picked as one of the schools to represent Monaghan on the 16th of May along with many other schools around the counrty! Well done 5th Class boys, the next rugby stars of the future!! 🙂

Activities As Gaeilge

The Active Committee and the Coiste Gaelach have teamed together. Children play yard games together in Gaeilge during the ‘Sos Beag Gaeilge’. The children are really enjoying practicing their Irish whilst playing their favourite games.

Many thanks to Múinteoir Orla and the Coiste Gaelach for also organising an Irish Sports Day in March. We all enjoyed the activities!

Active World Book Day

We had a fantastic fun filled day in St. Tiarnach’s today on the 1st March 2018. We all dressed up as characters from our favourite books. Despite the weather conditions, we still managed to get active around the school. Between walking, marching and lots of ’Wake Up, Shake Up’ exercises our fitness levels are increasing every day!!