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Outdoor Teaching Day 

We had great fun last week carrying out our scavenger hunt as part of our ‘Outdoor Teaching Day’.

Well done to all the boys, some great finds and great imaginations!!!

Science Week 

We had so much fun completing different science activities last week. The boys learned about ‘Density’ and used their knowledge to investigate which liquid was more dense between vegetable oil, water and honey….Can you guess which one was more dense???

We also watched different webinars about ‘Horrible Science’, ’10 great discoveries in space’ and ‘Different Invertebrates in Dublin Zoo’. These were excellent and we learned so much from them!!!

Well done to Liam and Lorcán!!

Lorcán was able to complete long division today!! Super achievement!

Liam managed to finish the 3D jigsaw!! We are all super impressed with his effort…and of course it’s of the Statue of Liberty…one of Liam’s favourite landmarks!

Busy Breaks/ Sensory Circuits

We have been doing a lot more Busy Breaks in the last couple of weeks because of the bad weather!These sensory circuits help us to focus on our work and the results have been amazing!! We have done some great work so far this term!

Well done to Oisín!! He created a beautiful, colourful flower during art this week!! Well done- a very proud boy today!

Homework 12th- 15th April 

Each child will be given their own spellings and reading daily.

Please check spelling books and readers, they will be clearly marked each day.