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Active Homework

Try one or more of the options below each day:

  1. Go for a 20 minute walk with your family.
  2. Try 5,4,3,2,1—— Exercises: jumping jacks, squats (sit downs/stand ups) and frog jumps. Do 5 of each then 4, then 3, 2, 1.
  3.  10-15 minute jog (laps of garden, around park, a lane)
  4.  Go Noodle videos ( x2)
  5. Go for a bike ride!
  6. Try making a mini obstacle course in your garden and time yourself going from start to finish.
  7. If you have a trampoline-try lots of different jumps–tuck jumps, pencil jumps, heels up, pencil, star jumps, jumping jacks

7 Life Lessons From Elf You Can Actually Use | Christmas humor, Christmas quotes, Christmas movies



 However, due to our old friend, Corona Virus, singing is not advised! Despite this, we are doing our very best to spread Christmas Cheer with beautiful works of Art.

Look at our Christmas Village!

1-6 Elf street, North Pole.

We learned all about Materials and their properties then created our own houses using recyclable materials 🙂






Rudolph, is that you?

We followed a Guided drawing lesson by our Teacher and created our very own Rudolph paintings!



We have also been learning a lot of facts about the Penguin, in particular the Emperor Penguin! We have looked at their life cycle, their adaptations, their habitat (The Antarctica) and lots of  interesting facts about their diet and other areas of their lives! We made our own Perfect Penguins too!


Look at Seán and Riáin-óg working on their life skills:

They are learning how to tie their laces 🙂

Science Week 2020

Science Week 2020  in Réalta

We tuned into Science week events showcased by Cavan Monaghan Library services based on the study of ‘Zoology in Belfast Zoo’ and based on Horrible Science experiments. We also became scientists trying out our own experiments!

Experiment 1:

Create the Rainbow

We created a colour burst by mixing skittles with water and observing what happened.

Experiment 2:

Storm in a Glass

We learned how clouds work and how rain occurs using shaving foam, food colouring and water

Experiment 3:

Colour Burst

We created a colour burst using a variety of different food colours which we added in small drops to milk. We dipped our cotton buds in soap then dipped them in the centre of the mixture to watch the colours burst in different directions