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Welcome to Réalta 🙂

All happy faces on Day 1, August 2019! Ready for another year of Learning and fun!



Christmas Art Attack




 Library workshop based on Harry Potter Science!! Múinteoir Anita’s personal favourite!

   Learning about  Houses and Homes around us!


October Learning Highlights!

Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!!!

We baked some delicious Pumpkin cookies and invited friends from 4th to join us!

We played traditional games such as bob your head in the basin 🙂

We carved our very own pumpkins 🙂



Rugby World Cup Fever: We located the 20 countries in the World Cup, watched a video and read a report on Japan, the host nation as well as that, we learned how and played tag rugby!


 We learning to identify, label and name the function of each vital organ in the body!

Here the boys are, having become surgeons, performing organ transplants on each other and poor Brenda!!


A few snippets of our learning in September!


Fingerprints investigation!

We learned we all have individually unique prints that are determined with different styles of lines.

SPHE and ART – September’s Theme: Myself!

We made our own identity collages compiled of all our likes, interests and personal traits that people would look at and get to  know our personalities through pictures!

We also made a Poster all about us, describing us using adjectives suitable for describing our individual personalities.
  < Here is Nathan’s example       Here is Liam’s> 




Our peers in 4th class came in for a visit and we used our Identity Collages to help them get to know us better!

Maths Problem Solving

As a school we are working extremely hard to become confident Problem solvers in our Maths classes. Lorcán has been cracking an ‘Escape Rooms’ 10 digit challenge where he cracked the code to a door lock by working out 10 different Mathematical problems with up to 5 steps to solve in each problem.

He cracked the code today with great success! Good for you Lorcán (09-10-19)