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Homework 23rd-27th November

Nursery rhyme

This Old Man Counting Song

Maths Homework: 

Busy At Maths Book pg 13. Please don’t do any other pages. The children are coming in with completed work on pages we have not asked them to do.



Written homework:

Write the  sentences below.

Make sure your child is using capital letters and the beginning of their sentences, letters are formed correctly and a full stop at the end.

Today is _____.

Yesterday was______.

Tomorrow will be_____.

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Practise writing words x3 times








Phonic words to say orally. 







Reading: Practise reading each night, could I ask parents to put a signature or initials to show me that they are practising the reading at home.

Thank you. 

This week is Maths Week in our school we are going to do some fun maths daily, we made some number characters today.  We have a maths trail, Games to play such as BINGO, snakes and ladders etc.


Reminder: Can you send in email addresses to set up our Google Classroom. Thank you to those who have sent them in.

Next step then , please check your email and  accept the invitation to join the class.

Thanks Múinteoir Clionagh and Niamh.

Senior infants A:November 2020

Children are learning all about 2D and 3D shapes.









Some activities during Science Week. 








This month we are learning all about homes. Children love preparing the dinner and  designing their own rooms.










Junior Infants B are loving making their homes from the recycled material.






                                                                                                                                      Our daily exercise outside.


Creating patterns with our 2d shapes. We coloured them then cut them out. Then we made patterns.