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Múinteoir Niamh

Senior Infants 16th-20th May


1.English: Read short activity below and answer the questions.

:FREE Kindergarten Reading Comprehension Passages - Set 2 | Kindergarten reading worksheets, Reading comprehension kindergarten, Free kindergarten reading

Reading activity: Practise reading focusing on igh,y and ie soundsPhonics - free printables | Phonics worksheets, Phonics words, Phonics printables

Practise Reading daily. Please read for 5-10 minutes each night.

Tricky wordlistWord lists and Tricky Words | Primary 1.4

Tongue twister103 Funny and Interesting Tongue Twisters for Kids - ChildFun

Maths :Worksheet on before and after.

Oral Maths games: 

  • Catch a number line: Throw a ball and teddy to each other while counting up to 20. Can also be used for counting backwards. 
  • Magic number .You can pick a number between zero and twenty. Throw a ball/ teddy to each and whoever lands on that magic number is out!

Oral Maths questions: 

  • What day is it today? What day was yesterday? What day will tomorrow be?
  • What month is it? What year is it? What season is it?
  • What day comes before Tuesday? What day comes after Friday? etc.


  • Count 0 to 20. Count backwards from 20 to 0. 
  • What numbers comes before 7? 
  • What number comes after 14? 
  • 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, ?, 6, 7, 8………What number was missing?

Maths Scavenger Hunt:


May:Our school tour took place on Friday13th May at Fermanagh Fun Farm. Everyone enjoyed the day out. We loved feeding all the farm animals.

Children in Senior Infants worked very hard so they earned a trip to Matthews for ice-cream. IT WAS YUM.



Children practising their reading.